Can no longer migrate with devstack live migration block storage?

asked 2017-11-25 14:04:52 -0500

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Setup: one compute node, one compute/controller node. I could previously migrate using devstack live migration block storage:

openstack migrate --live to-host --block-migration instance-to-migrate

However, I no longer can.

I have set up root-to-stack user passwordless ssh and I've made the following changes:

In /etc/nova/nova.conf:

allow_migrate_to_same_host = True


Modified vim /opt/stack/tempest/etc/tempest.conf

live_migrate_back_and_forth = True
block_migration_for_live_migration = True
live_migration = True

I've looked through log files and I get the following errors (using sudo journalctl -a --unit devstack@n-* | grep "WARN") and have found the following two WARNINGS:

"While synchronizing instance power states, found 0 instances in the database and 10 instances on the hypervisor" on the compute node.

"Received unexpected event network-vif-unplugged-2819b0bf-7309-4326-bafa-eadae2d258f3 for instance with vm_state active and task_state None." on controller/compute node.

Please help!!

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Can this please go through moderation?

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