Overcloud Node registration & Introspection Getting Failed

asked 2017-11-24 15:00:45 -0600

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Hi Everyone,

I'm setting up my openstack lab with TripleO.

Successfully deployed undercloud. But facing below issues while importing "instackenv.json" file and introspecting.

  1. While Importing the file facing the below message, however node getting registered successfully. Does this message cause any issues while introspecting the node.

Error message:

[u"Failed to run action [action_ex_id=7b2ea2b6-74d0-4c27-9f91-cbf91ecbbb34, action_cls='<class 'mistral.actions.action_factory.novaaction'="">', attributes='{u'client_method_name': u'hypervisors.find'}', params='{u'hypervisor_hostname': u'2f237901-df4f-4109-a049-74101f471189'}']\n NovaAction.hypervisors.find failed: No Hypervisor matching {u'hypervisor_hostname': u'2f237901-df4f-4109-a049-74101f471189'}. (HTTP 404)"]

(undercloud) [stack@director ~]$ ironic node-list +--------------------------------------+-------------+---------------+-------------+--------------------+-------------+ | UUID | Name | Instance UUID | Power State | Provisioning State | Maintenance | +--------------------------------------+-------------+---------------+-------------+--------------------+-------------+ | 2f237901-df4f-4109-a049-74101f471189 | controller0 | None | power off | available | False | +--------------------------------------+-------------+---------------+-------------+--------------------+-------------+

  1. After importing the json file, changed the "Provisoning State" to 'manage' and executed the command "openstack baremetal import --json 'nstackenv.json", But it's getting failed in with timeout error message.

NOTE: Executed 'Triple O' on a VM. 'Controller' is a DELL baremetal, hence configured 'pm_type=pxe_drac'

Can anyone assist to fix this issue?

Thanks & Regards, Gan

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