Multiple provider network management on different neutron nodes

asked 2017-11-22 00:44:41 -0600

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I want to install neutron server on different Nodes. In my environment there will be 3 provider networks name provider1, provider2 and provider3 with respectively. All of them will be flat network. In my system, I want each neutron server manages different provider networks (neutron1 only controls provider1, neutron2 controls provider2 and neutron3 controls provider3). VMs will have internal networks (overlay network) and use Virtual Routers to access provider networks. The interface mapping on neutron servers are as given below:

Neutron 1

  • Bond 0 : Management + overlay
  • Bond 1 : use for provider1

Neutron 2

  • Bond 0 : Management + overlay
  • Bond 1 : use for provider2

Neutron 3

  • Bond 0 : Management + overlay
  • Bond 1 : use for provider3

Virtual router(VR) is randomly scheduled across multiple OpenStack Networking nodes. My question is how I can deploy VR on specific neutron node (like VR which has GW address from provider1 will deploy on neutron1) ? or I will create high available VR, in this case VR will deploy all neutron servers. How can I select the active virtual router in this case?

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you can't select the neutron server when you deploy tenant networks.

timi gravatar imagetimi ( 2017-11-24 06:15:06 -0600 )edit