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kolla-ansible deploy fails on task neutron : Running Neutron bootstrap container FAILS

asked 2017-11-15 14:43:41 -0500

jcorkey gravatar image

updated 2017-11-15 14:44:26 -0500

I did pip install of kolla 5.0.0 and kolla-ansible 5.0.0. Built all the images and it almost works when I do a kolla-ansible deploy -i multinode but it keeps failing at this task

TASK [neutron : Running Neutron bootstrap container] ***************************
fatal: [openstackcontroller.glv.internal -> openstackcontroller.glv.internal]: FAILED! => {"changed": true, "failed": true, "msg": "Container exited with non-zero return code"}

Thought it could be related to this:

But I added the comma to the neutron-server.j2 file and tried to redeploy but it DOES NOT work. Keeps failing on TASK [neutron : Running Neutron bootstrap container]

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answered 2017-11-16 01:51:31 -0500

There is a current issue with 5.0.0 version due vmware nsx lib changes, in next tag 5.0.2 is fixed. Hopefully we can make a release in a couple of weeks.

A workaround is change vmware-nsx-master to a pinned version vmware-nsx-11.0.0.tar.gz, or just remove the lines.

File $PYTHON_PATH/kolla/common/

or in git repo same path

 'neutron-base-plugin-vmware-nsx': {
        'type': 'url',
        'location': ('$tarballs_base/vmware-nsx/'
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Still getting the same error after removing the lines below:

 'neutron-base-plugin-vmware-nsx': {
        'type': 'url',
        'location': ('$tarballs_base/vmware-nsx/'
jcorkey gravatar imagejcorkey ( 2017-11-16 06:50:29 -0500 )edit

Do I need to rebuild certain container images or anything? If so which container images?

jcorkey gravatar imagejcorkey ( 2017-11-16 06:59:59 -0500 )edit

just rebuild all neutron images: kolla-build <options_here> neutron

Eduardo Gonzalez gravatar imageEduardo Gonzalez ( 2017-11-16 09:10:14 -0500 )edit

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