HA controllers (3) went into nova zone.

asked 2017-11-11 12:32:25 -0500

udayutkarsh gravatar image
 HI All, 

I have a strange problem here. When I deployed my openstack cloud with 3 controllers and 50 computes there were only 2 zones, zone 1 (25 blades) and zone 2 (25 blades). My all HA controllers were in internal zone. Now I had to create zone 3 and put one compute (compute 12) into zone 3 for pci-passthrough implementation . During this process I might have(or i might have not) started openstack-nova-compute service on controller, but saw compute services running on all controllers. Due to this my all physnets (physnet1/2/3/4) stopped working (means getting port-binding error when vms use these). I am not sure whether zoning thing has caused this port-binding issue. But the critical this for me is to put controller back into 'internal' zone. Kindly suggest as I do not find any options to make it proper from dashboard. nova availibility-zone-list does not show up zone 'nova'. Now all 3 controllers are into zone 'nova' and services are down. I am sure I might be doing some silly mistake but I can't make it proper. Please help me out.
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