VxLAN tenant network with multi node KVM computes

asked 2017-11-11 04:57:18 -0500

I am considering below scenario for the new open stack environment.But achieving the same needs help in understanding the flow.Please help me to understand what approach i can use for the environment testingand and readiness

Environment Consideration:

  • Tenant Network needs to use VXLAN network for which neutron is required (as per changes in ML2 for VXLAN)
  • Provider/External Network can use VLAN network.
  • Dynamic routing protocol support – BGP and OSPF
  • Traffic mirroring per VXLAN and VLAN
  • Considering vswitch and vrouter – or any alternate approach(can be physical vendor products) for achieving the same.

If we consider this approach, how can i handle VXLAN tenant network path for new openstack. where should my l3 has to run for a better optimised way. If use neutron router, can it support all dynamic routing functionality. Whether the neutron can offload all VXLAN traffic and can act as VTEP and how each port connects to VM behaves from the same. Or is it better to offload to physical vendor switch. Is there any SDN network controllers avail to orchestrate all. Can OpenContrail do all this along with further service chaining.

Can DVR help in this case as well?

When VxLAN network comes into picture ,how should in general need to consider the tenant traffic considering with huge compute nodes

Thanks, Naveen

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you can use only neutron BGP function but it is not compatible with DVR, so you need a network node

timi gravatar imagetimi ( 2017-11-20 07:43:26 -0500 )edit