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Deployment stops in Mirantis openstack with error

asked 2017-11-08 06:01:03 -0500

Vikas M gravatar image

updated 2017-11-08 06:04:41 -0500

I am trying to create 3 mode Openstack environment in Mirantis 9.0 ( Mitaka on Ubuntu 14.04 ) I could check on server console and GUI that OS/Ubuntu installation was successful but OpenStack installation was stopped. It is showing below error.

Deployment has failed. All nodes are finished. Failed tasks: Task[setup_repositories/24], Task[setup_repositories/25], Task[setup_repositories/26] Stopping the deployment process!

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answered 2017-11-10 12:06:58 -0500

DerpDarako gravatar image

Your node cannot access repositories you set in with fuel-setup.

You have to install mirror in your network or give internet access for all nodes

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