kolla ansible pike installation fluentd container in restarting mode

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updated 2017-11-07 22:31:45 -0500

Hi, I am trying to install kolla ansible pike .After deployment the fluentd container is in restarting mode. Container logs shows error:

2017-11-07 21:21:18 -0700 [info]: parsing config file is succeeded path="/etc/td-agent/td-agent.conf" 2017-11-07 21:21:18 -0700 [error]: config error file="/etc/td-agent/td-agent.conf" error_class=Fluent::ConfigError error="\"rewriterule<num>\" support has been dropped. Use <rule> section instead."

i think the issue is in 01-rewrite.conf.j2 present in path : /usr/local/share/kolla-ansible/ansible/roles/common/templates/conf/filter(OS:ubuntu) It should use rule section instead. Please confirm PS: fluentd image was failing during the build however after 5-6 attempts the image was build then it showed the error above.And also a week before my pike installation was successful have there been ansy changes made in the git

base used :issue with both ubuntu and centos

type used: source ?

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Issue is in fluentd which upgraded version

Eduardo Gonzalez gravatar imageEduardo Gonzalez ( 2017-11-08 03:01:00 -0500 )edit