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What's the session in `def validate_user_has_role(self, session, user, role)` in openstacksdk?

asked 2017-10-27 04:53:55 -0500

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What's the session in def validate_user_has_role(self, session, user, role) in openstacksdk?

In identity/

def validate_user_has_role(self, session, user, role):
    """Validates that a user has a role on a project"""
    url = utils.urljoin(self.base_path,, 'users',
              , 'roles',
    resp = session.head(url, endpoint_filter=self.service)
    if resp.status_code == 201:
        return True
    return False

I don't know the session is what, I delivery the request.session, i get :

'SessionStore' object has no attribute 'head'.

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answered 2017-10-27 05:26:30 -0500

liaodalin19903 gravatar image
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