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Get CONSTRAINT DBReferenceError when trying to boot bare metal instance

asked 2017-10-25 23:32:44 -0500

diegoinsh gravatar image

I am trying to boot an instance on baremetal node like this: nova boot --flavor ${baremetal_flavor} --image baremetal-ubuntu-1604 ${baremetal_instance_name} --nic net-id=8a3ebd2f-592c-45f8-be40-36f309027441

The horizon ui shows that the instance was Scheduling all the time. While look into the nova-conductor.log, get ERROR log like:

nova-conductor.log:2017-10-26 09:47:05.286 70637 ERROR oslo_messaging.rpc.server DBReferenceError: (pymysql.err.IntegrityError) (1452, u'Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`nova`.`instance_actions`, CONSTRAINT `fk_instance_actions_instance_uuid` FOREIGN KEY (`instance_uuid`) REFERENCES `instances` (`uuid`))') [SQL: u'INSERT INTO instance_actions (created_at, updated_at, deleted_at, deleted, action, instance_uuid, request_id, user_id, project_id, start_time, finish_time, message) VALUES (%(created_at)s, %(updated_at)s, %(deleted_at)s, %(deleted)s, %(action)s, %(instance_uuid)s, %(request_id)s, %(user_id)s, %(project_id)s, %(start_time)s, %(finish_time)s, %(message)s)'] [parameters: {'instance_uuid': 'd2ef529c-8e90-435e-9c68-60fe8f90014b', 'deleted_at': None, 'user_id': u'48b992c8304e41f7a609d080e17b01ae', 'deleted': 0, 'start_time': datetime.datetime(2017, 10, 26, 1, 47, 3, 212217), 'updated_at': None, 'finish_time': None, 'request_id': u'req-7703c493-bbf8-4e26-940e-b3b7add6cc8b', 'action': 'create', 'message': None, 'project_id': u'22fe444535bd4bd4b45f55da52b19257', 'created_at': datetime.datetime(2017, 10, 26, 1, 47, 5, 277036)}]

And the weird thing is when I checkup in the database, I cannot find any instance in Nova.instaces table whose uuid is d2ef529c-8e90-435e-9c68-60fe8f90014b as mentioned in the log. I wondering if the instance was rollback or something, but what is the instance showed on horizon ui? This is the second question.


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nova-api log:

2017-10-26 15:04:54.735 109397 INFO nova.api.openstack.wsgi [req-8de885a9-aa92-4f80-91d3-b03d9f9db85f - - - - -] HTTP exception thrown: Instance 0e608ff0-a9a5-495b-a7eb-9645fc4c8ae5 could not be found.
diegoinsh gravatar imagediegoinsh ( 2017-10-26 03:50:03 -0500 )edit

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answered 2017-10-29 08:09:39 -0500

diegoinsh gravatar image

ended up with rolling back to last backup, hope this will not happen again

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