2 NIC deployement for openstack - cobbler check

asked 2014-01-28 06:29:53 -0500

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I have my fuel openstack set up running on 2 NICs. I am not connected to Internet. I have two private networks on which I am deploying it.

When I set everything on dashboard and click deploy, I get error in OS installation on slaves saying "Configure the Network under which it comes - Network auto configuration failed".

I did many trials but in vain.

So I checked if everything is fine with cobbler using cobbler check on fuel master :

Output of "cobbler check" command :

The following are the potential configuration items that you may want to fix.

1: Some network boot-loders are missing from /var/lib/cobber/loaders, you may run 'cobbler get-loaders' to download them, or, if you only want to handle x86/x86_64 netbooting, you may ensure that you have installed a recent version of the syslinux package installed and can ignore this message entirely. Files in this directory should you want to support all architectures, should include pxelinux.0, menu.c32, elilo.efi, and yaboot. The 'cobbler get-loaders' command is the easiest way to resolve these requirements.

2: change 'disable' to 'no' in etc/xinetd.d/rsync

3: Since iptabes may be running, ensure 69, 80/443, and 25151 are unblocked.

4: debmirror package is not installed, it will be required to manage debian deployment and repositories.

5: ksvalidator was not found, install pykickstart.

Now, if I want to get the above done I need internet connection for the packages to be installed. So can I connect one of my NIC cards eth0 or eth1 to broadband, set an ip for the broadband from my console, do what is needed, then again connect the NIC back to switch and give previous fuel master ip that it actually had, run cobbler sync, and again deploy new cloud from dashboard to check if it works? Is it ok to interchange NIC like that ?

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