meter and resources not created in gnocchi

asked 2017-10-14 00:39:17 -0600

Bhujay Kumar Bhatta gravatar image

Hi All I have installed pike telemetry using openstack ansible . ceilometer , aodh and gnocchi has been installed . gnocchi is configured with ceph . I am able to create metric and add measures . However the meter list and resource list has not been populated in gnocchi . Running openstack metric list or openstack metric resource list returns empty value .
resource-type list is only showing generic , capabilities list shows all data .

Since gnocchi is able to create metric I thought of checking ceilometer side with debug enabled for logs . But couldn't figure out where is the problem . Here is my logs (link text)

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I'm running into the same issue. I also installed using OAD. I installed gnocchi and aodh. Gnocchi has no resource-types. I have debug with no indication why is not loading resources from /etc/ceilometer/gnocchi_resources.yaml file even after specifying path to it in ceilometer.conf

hyyperlite gravatar imagehyyperlite ( 2018-02-12 16:22:32 -0600 )edit