How to expose sse4.2 flag to VM

asked 2017-10-12 12:40:29 -0500

Phaneendra gravatar image

I want to expose sse4.2 cpu flag to VM spawned with openstack. The HOST(compute node) has sse4.2 cpu flag I have updated nova.conf with "cpu_mode = custom, cpu_model = Nehalem" and set the meta data for nova flavor with CLI : nova flavor-key m1.medium set hw:cpu_model=Nehalem.

I even tried with cpu_mode = host-model and host-passthrough. But no luck. But the VM spawned with openstack does not get the SSE4.2 cpu flags I am using devstack with stable/pike.

Please help to expose sse4.2 cpu flag to VM.

Thanks in advance

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