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neutron ovn L3 Router Scheduler issues

asked 2017-10-03 20:56:16 -0500

Neeseius gravatar image

In both ocata and pike I get neutron-server errors related to l3routerplugin missing functions like "schedule_unhosted_routers ". I've tried fresh builds several times and they are all broken, as well as converting working builds from ovs to ovn that also didn't work.

I am building a production cluster for my company and devstack nor packstack are acceptable, I am really desperate to get this working because I'd prefer it over the neutron agents but it looks like this thing may not be production ready - even though I hear companies are already using it??

1 - controller node : ovn-nb ovn-sb ovn-db-server 2 - compute nodes: ovn-controller

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answered 2017-10-08 17:46:38 -0500

Neeseius gravatar image

Problem was due to the l3 plugin being set to the wrong value

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