Creating new Compute Virtualization Drivers

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We are currently working on a proof of concept to see if it is possible for OpenStack to be used in our current environment.

One major problem is that our current environment requires the use of VCloud Director to create new Virtual Machine instances, as it provides some functionality that is not available using VCenter on its own.

Whilst it is understood that VCloud Director has been deprecated, it will continue to be supported in our environment and because of this, we have been given the direction to create a new Nova compute driver for VCloud Director.

While investigating this problem, I’ve had some difficulty finding answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the general process for developing custom drivers and plugging them into (vanilla) OpenStack deployments?
  2. Are the definitions of the compute Driver base classes exposed somewhere outside of the OpenStack Nova repositories? Do separate developer API packages exist for custom drivers to be developed against rather than the complete application or client-side APIs?
  3. Are there any processes currently in place to ensure that custom OpenStack drivers will not break as changes to the APIs are made? For example, will methods be deprecated before being completely removed?
  4. What is the recommended approach for deploying custom drivers?
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