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Hi all,

First of all I apologize because I am not very fluent in English.

I am new to the forum and in the world of OpenStack/cloud computing. I have many ask about it:

1) The load balancer must be used only in active/active mode? Example: If i want realized a services API High availability with redundancy in active/passive mode there is no need the load balancer because there is only one node active , while there is need to install Pacemaker and Corosync/hearthbeat for monitoring activity of nodes. Is it right?

2) By docs OpenStack it is not possible to create multiple L3 agent in active-active configuration but only in active-passive while DHCP agents can run in active-active configuration, why?

3) Why is not possible create a multi-hosting network with Neutron component? If is possible , how?

4) How do implement i Compute Node high availability? there is nothing talk about it. Can i have 2 compute nodes and they are load balancing by a Load balancer? what happen if there is a failure?

Thank you in advance for your answer. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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answered 2014-01-30 13:40:45 -0600

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I found this slide which Rags from Rackspace presented few days back on OpenStack HA

Apart from this you can always check our official HA docs and cloud admin guide for more.

hope it helps!!

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