unable to allocate floating IPs

asked 2017-09-17 11:53:41 -0500


I've an openstack installation on a ubuntu server. The server have an external network with prefix 29, but unable to allocate all floating IPs in the sub network to the services. The subnet have 5 available free IPs for assigning to openstack services. From the below listed IPs,you can see that out of 5 IPs, two IPs are free ( and and all other have been assigned to other services. The issues is I'm failing to assign the mentioned IPs ( and to newly created instances.Could anybody please have a look at this and advise me.

Name Fixed IPs Attached Device Status Admin State Actions (1b2bc7bb-fd51) network:floatingip N/A UP
(502ff297-3640) network:floatingip N/A UP
(c8ab19f2-380a) network:floatingip N/A UP
(e06b9e49-e5b9) network:router_gateway Build UP
(3c1490af-7294) network:floatingip N/A UP

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