how to add compute hosts from a different network

asked 2017-09-15 15:47:54 -0600

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i would like to know what i need to do in order to add 2 compute hosts to an openstack ocata cloud cluster . Those 2 servers are on a different network and due to datacenter limitations i can not add them in my existing rack .

there are also no vlans and no managed switch in my set up so is this even possible with some networking magic ?


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answered 2017-09-18 01:19:58 -0600

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I would consider the setup of a tunnel VXLAN or GRE. It is an easy and fast way to solve your problem. Check if your ip link suite has a version able to perform it and simply follow this manual: (

An example might be: ip link add vx-left type vxlan id 80 remote $PUBLIC_IP_DEST dstport 4789 # 1) use a different port if the data center has a firewall that prevents some of them from working! 2) the public ip dest can also be a private address that you are able to reach

From the other side: ip link add vx-right type vxlan id 80 remote $public_ip_dst dstport 4789 # as well as before

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