How to setup the infrastructure with blade servers for OpenStack

asked 2017-09-12 08:20:59 -0600

shizhz gravatar image

Hi All,

We have 24 (Huawei CH242 V3 blade servers) and want to setup a private cloud with OpenStack, but we're very new to OpenStack and very lack of experiences about infrastructures. Could somebody kindly give us some useful information about the following question:

  • What kind of OS is more suitable for those blade servers? Is Linux like CentOS a good choice?
  • Is it OK(or encouraged) to directly use blade servers as OpenStack controller/compute/storage nodes? Or do we need to use one hypervisor to create many VMs and install OpenStack services on top of VMs?
  • What're the best practices or suggestions will you want to give beginners?

Maybe some questions are very silly but we're really stuck on the first step, thanks in advance for any information.

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