add ironic to a running openstack (ocata)

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Hi guys,

I have a openstack ocata installation running, with one controller node, one compute node and neutron with cinder in the controller node. I'm trying to add ironic to the running solution. But when I add ironic and configure the ironic driver in nova and controller controller nodes in order to integrate ironic with compute service I notice that the running compute hypervisor (QEMU) is replaced by another hypervisor instance of type (ironic). At this step only baremetal service is running perfectly but I can't deploy VMs on the previous running hypervisor.

I was followed this documentation in ocata version: ( Please, pay attention with the note, it says that the ironic driver must be configured in controller and compute nodes. (Is this true?)

Is there any configuration solution to have at the same time the QEMU hypervisor type running and the ironic hypervisors for the baremetal service? Or there are any guide that I can see as an example to follow the right way?

The target is deploy VMs and baremetal images with only one controller instance from a single openstack installation.

Any suggestion, correction or recomendation is appreciated.

Thanks friends! :)

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