Kolla: Timeout when waiting for Registry To Stop

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I am trying to setup Openstack Kolla Multi-Node but prechecks is stopping at the error below:

TASK [keystone : Checking free port for Keystone Public] *********************************** fatal: [csky04]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "elapsed": 1, "failed": true, "msg": "Timeout when waiting for registry_ip_address.69:5000 to stop."} to retry, use: --limit @/usr/share/kolla-ansible/ansible/site.retry

Any idea will be appreciated

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answered 2017-09-11 09:13:50 -0500

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when using the host where docker registry is running as one of the control nodes, need to change registry bind port to other than 5000, usually we use 4000.

This is due keystone public port 5000 have conflict and cannot bind into this port because is already in use.

Example of making registry run in port 4000

docker run -d \
    --name registry \
    --restart=always \
    -p 4000:5000 \
    -v registry:/var/lib/registry \


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