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kernel: vxlan: non-ECT from IP_ADDRESS with TOS=0x2

asked 2017-09-11 03:34:28 -0600

exp5566 gravatar image

In our lab environment, we found these weird log in /var/log/messages

kernel: vxlan: non-ECT from IP_ADDRESS with TOS=0x2

This is kind of annoying messages and also, the vxlan tunnel networking would go wrong randomly. e.g. router: vm1: vm1: private subnet connection between VMs is good ( <--->

but VM to router is no good ( x ( x

I've checked overlay network ip at compute node & network node is good (at least icmp) & neutron-l3-agent is up & running( other router can work normally)

So this is weird to us, why these troubled VMs could reach other but router?

Any advise is much appreciated.

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answered 2018-05-18 09:45:10 -0600

I've had the same error. I've had no ill effects for the moment, so I've just disabled the message for the moment.

echo N | tee /sys/module/vxlan/parameters/log_ecn_error

Or by setting options vxlan log_ecn_error=N in a modprobe.d config file.

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Great! It works well!

I could be freed from thousands of non-ECT logs per a day.

wby1089 gravatar imagewby1089 ( 2018-10-01 01:35:49 -0600 )edit

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