fuel assign wrong management network ip address

asked 2017-09-10 11:45:22 -0600

nephilimboy gravatar image

hi guys, recently i install OpenStack using fuel with 2 node (compute + controller node) but i have a problem, when i assign IP to management network in fuel the range is to so until now everything is ok and i can verify network. but when i deploy change and start to create my cloud the fuel assign to my compute node and to my controller so by default all openstack component configure file like nove or glance, work with and for management network, how can i tell fuel that assign to my compute node and to my controller not or because i dont want to change every single configure file and change the IP addresses. also i tried new ip range for management network in fuel like to, and again fuel assign to cumpute and to controller, but in all config files the glance server ip(for example) is on not my current controller node ip. im using fuel 9. Thanks in advance

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