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How do you mount an additional disk for cinder?

asked 2014-01-27 08:58:29 -0500

ChrisSwan gravatar image


I'm having a problem adding an additional drive to my all in one Devstack for Cinder to use. The details are:

  • Version 2013.1.3 running on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
  • The disk is 2tb and has been mounted at /var/lib/cinder
  • cinder-api and scheduler have both been restarted.

If I try a command like ''cinder create 5'* the immediate output looks fine and status is 'creating. But then if I look in cinder-scheduler.log I see the line:

ERROR [cinder.scheduler.manager] Failed to schedule_create_volume: No valid host was found.

Firsly after Googling this I've found a couple of people saying that I need restart cinder-volume before the scheduler, but cinder-volume doesn't appear to exist in my set up.

Next I read this post ( and thought that I must have to create a zeroed out file first and mount that as as loopback device. However having done that I still have the ''no valid host found'' issue.

Any ideas what I'm missing here? Thanks in advance and please excuse any naivety on my behalf - dev ops isn't my main skillset!

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answered 2014-01-27 17:19:42 -0500

anemic gravatar image

I think you definitely need cinder-volume to use storage. There could be something wrong with the devstack configuration. Check what you have in the VOLUME_GROUP/VOLUME_BACKING_FILE/VOLUME_BACKING_DEVICE options. If you already have some space configured you need to remove it first as does not grow it. My suggestion is to unmount the drive and use it using VOLUME_BACKING_DEVICE=/dev/sd... assuming you want to dedicate the whole drive to cinder. If you want to use multiple disks for storage, look for "CINDER_MULTI_LVM_BACKEND = True" option.

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Hi, many thanks for the (correct) answer. It was indeed the fact that cinder-volume had not been installed by chef for some reason. Having installed that package separately I then managed to mount the additional disk just fine.

ChrisSwan gravatar imageChrisSwan ( 2014-02-17 01:37:53 -0500 )edit

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