Virtual machine launch on multi compute nodes

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Hi All, I have a question as below: In case of deploy openstack on multi compute nodes, after deployment, when i launch virtual machines how to know virtual machines is being launched on compute node?

Please help me if you know answer. Thanks a lot of. Mai

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Do you mean you want to know on which compute node the vm is being launched or do you want to tell it on which compute node to launch?

nuriel77 gravatar imagenuriel77 ( 2017-09-06 05:08:29 -0500 )edit

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answered 2017-09-06 06:40:13 -0500

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On the instance overview ,you can see Host colum ,there the hypervisor name will be mentioned openstack server show "instance-id" also list you the required information

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answered 2017-09-06 08:58:10 -0500

As admin, run nova list --fields ID,host --all-tenants (this is from memory; field names may be different). You get a list of all instances and their compute nodes. Perhaps there is an equivalent openstack client command by now.

By design, non-admin users can't see the VM host. They are not supposed to get implementation information.

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