Horizon Dashboard Ocata is blocked by Parked Domain ?

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I built Openstack Ocata with multi nodes through "proxy". The communication between controller node and compute nodes are working well. However, I cannot launch the horizon from it hostname or ip address. It keeps getting blocked by Parked Domain or Access Denied. The only way I can access horizon from controller node is to use http://localhost/dashboard.

Cannot get to : http://controller/dashboard - Block by Parked Domain

Cannot get to: - Access Denied

Works at : http://localhost/dashboard - works here

Can you give me some help on how to get around this issue ?

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I followed instruction to config Apache server as follow: Configure the Apache HTTP server¶ Edit the /etc/apache2/apache2.conf file and configure the ServerName option to reference the controller node:

ServerName controller Finalize the installation¶

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On dashboard installation: apt install openstack-dashboard Edit the /etc/openstack-dashboard/local_settings.py file and complete the following actions: Configure the dashboard to use OpenStack services on the controller node: OPENSTACK_HOST = "controller" ALLOWED_HOSTS = ['*']

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If you need to see any other configuration files, please let me know. I will upload asap. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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