NOVA access CEPH/storage node via fiber channel

asked 2017-08-28 12:18:05 -0600

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hi all, we deployed Newton via Fuel.

We have Nova storing ephemeral volumes in CEPH RBD on a storage nodes (over the network).

All storage nodes have access to a large 7TB CEPH OSD via fiber channel. All compute nodes have access to this same large 7TB CEPH OSD via fiber channel.

We want compute nodes to access their ephemeral storage (running instances' vHDs) via fiber channel (not via the storage node over the network).

Can we re-configure Nova to access RDB via the fiber channel access rather than thru the storage node over the network? Or does the CEPH OSD/storage node need to be involved in RDB commands?


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answered 2017-08-30 16:35:44 -0600

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maybe I can ask my question in a better way, it boils down to two things:

We have 2 fiber channel datastores connected to the storage nodes, one is very fast access and one is slower. They both simply just appear to the OS as hard drives. (ie: sdb/sdc).

  1. Can I configure CEPH/the storage nodes in such a way to use the fast one for ephemeral storage, and the slow one for cinder volumes and glance images?

Our compute nodes also have direct access fiber channel access to the fast datastore (again it just appears to the OS as a hard drive (ie: sdb).

  1. can I configure Nova/CEPH in such a way so that ephemeral storage is accessed via this local connection and not via the network?

thanks for an input you can make!

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