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nova slow api calls

asked 2017-08-26 08:20:11 -0600 gravatar image

Hi all, I am playing with openstack ocata, and from the first moment I was feel the interface horizon and the api calls very slow (10-20 secs waiting for a call). This openstack has only 56 vms registered and stopped, it is a small installation. The controller server is physicall with 8 cores and 16GB of ram (12GB free) and installed with CentOS 7.3.

I have configured memcached with keystone and I was troubleshooting the mariadb slowqueries (no sql queries > 30ms)

When i launch the command "time openstack server list --timing" I can see:

| URL                                            |  Seconds |
| GET http://controller:35357/v3/                | 0.019095 |
| POST http://controller:35357/v3/auth/tokens    | 0.224442 |
| POST http://controller:35357/v3/auth/tokens    | 0.225134 |
| GET http://controller:8774/v2.1/servers/detail | 4.503286 |
| Total                                          | 4.971957 |

real    0m14.398s
user    0m8.742s
sys 0m0.461s

Where is the extra time (10sec aprox) that the command tooks in its execution? Would someone help to point me in the right direction to troubleshoot this issue?

Warm regards!

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answered 2018-06-18 01:17:51 -0600

Aref gravatar image

1.are you using dns based domain names instead of pointing them to ips in /etc/hosts? 2.check you log for any retries or errors.

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