How do I add a local logical volume to an instance? Rather than using ISCSI

asked 2017-08-25 11:38:35 -0600

zijian1012 gravatar image
[root@compute03 cinder]# virsh domblklist instance-00000135
Target     Source
vda        vms/77761818-0eb4-48ce-a6d0-86c16eac798e_disk
vdb        /dev/disk/by-path/

Default, the instance's volume is remotely connected via iscsi,Is there a way to use the lv volume on the host where instance is located,bypass iscsi,as follows

[root@compute03 cinder]# virsh domblklist test1
Target     Source
vda        /dev/vms/77761818-0eb4-48ce-a6d0-86c16eac798e_disk
vdb        /dev/vms/volume-d3851f21-71d1-4ebd-8381-f88f85d95b67
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