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Logs location configuration

asked 2017-08-25 01:17:36 -0500

Georgios gravatar image

Dear Team I need your help:

  1. All logs are written to syslog, what shall I do to make the logs to go to individual files, like nova to nova,etc. in the /var/log directory?

  2. I have 1 TB of disk, is there a limitation in cinder for the space you can use?

Thanks a lot Georgios

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answered 2017-08-26 01:47:09 -0500

Senol Erdogan gravatar image

Did you check nova.conf for logging details. There is a "log_dir=/var/log/nova" line that you can check. (reboot nova services after changes)


Another way, in nova.conf you can enable "use_syslog=true" and then redirect the nova services logs to LOCAL0 with "syslog_log_facility=LOG_LOCAL0" (reboot nova services). So, redirected logs will be received by rsyslog daemon after that setting. Received log can be sent to a file with "LOCAL0.* /var/log/nova/nova.log', or to another log server with "LOCAL0.* @@log_server_ip_address" (reboot rsyslog)

Here you are an official doc about logging

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