fuel storage node deploy with ceph and 2 fiber channel volumes

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Hi all,

We have a pretty complicated storage setup and I am not sure how to configure Fuel for deployment of the storage nodes. I'm using Fuel 10/Newton. Plus i'm a bit confused on some of the storage aspects (image/glance, volume/cinder, ephemeral/?.)

We have 3 nodes dedicated to be storage nodes, for HA. We’re using fiber channel extents and need to use the CEPH filesystem.

I’ll try to simplify the storage situation at first to ask my initial question without too many details.

We have a fast and a slow storage location. Management tells me they want the slow location for the Glance images and the fast location for the place where the instances actually run. (assume compute nodes with slow hard drives but access to a fast fiber channel volume.)

Where is “the place where the instances actually run”. It isn’t via Glance nor Cinder is it? When I configure the storage for CEPH OSD node I see volume settings for Base System, CEPH and CEPH journal. (I see my slow storage and my fast storage disks).

When I configure the storage for a Compute node I see volume settings for Base system and Virtual Storage. Is this Ephemeral storage? How does a Virtual Storage volume here compare to the CEPH volume on the CEPH OSD?

I have seen an openstack instance who’s .xml file on the compute node shows the vHD as a CEPH path (ie: rbd:compute/f63e4d30-7706-40be-8eda-b74e91b9dac1_disk. Is this a CEPH local to the compute node or CEPH on the storage node? (Is this Ephemeral storage?)

Thanks for any help you might have, I’m a bit confused


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pls correct me if i'm off: Glance Images and Cinder Volumes are stored on the storage node. Ephemeral volumes (Nova managed) are the copy of the Glance image that has been copied to the compute node and started as an instances' vHD. Cinder volumes can be added as additional storage in an instance.

jamesopst gravatar imagejamesopst ( 2017-08-24 21:57:21 -0600 )edit

In Fuel I set "Ceph RBD for volumes (Cinder)" and "Ceph RBD for images (Glance)". But not sure about "Ceph RBD for ephemeral volumes (Nova)" setting. Would selecting it move the running instances' vHD off the hypervisors and onto the storage node? (aka: move ephemeral from local to over the network?

jamesopst gravatar imagejamesopst ( 2017-08-24 22:05:51 -0600 )edit