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horizon does not work after neutron endpoint creation in keystone

asked 2014-01-26 21:15:26 -0500

anonymous user


I was trying to install openstack in ubuntu 12.04(LTS).

As installtion procedure I was following the openstack havana installtion guide at Everything was fine until now. But recently I am facing a problem and cant find solution.

I am facing problem with horizon right after creating the keystone end point for the neutron service.

My dashboard stops working and shows "Internal Server Error" after providing the command:

# keystone endpoint-create \ --service-id the_service_id_above \ --publicurl http://controller:9696 \ --adminurl http://controller:9696 \ --internalurl http://controller:9696

The error is with the Apache2 and when i goto apache2 error logs it show:

"OfflineGenerationError: You have offline compression enabled but key "3ddd89d27fa2e162d4efd30c103a072b" is missing from offline manifest. You may need to run "python compress"

The problem is not solved even if I run

#python compress

Please help me regarding this issue.

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Is it multinode or single node installation ? Are you able to run the neutron commands ? I remember you had nova-network earlier. Your dashboard works without neutron ? Is the endpoint creation fine ? Please let me know to help you better.

dheeru gravatar imagedheeru ( 2014-01-27 01:18:25 -0500 )edit

The Compression error is hiding the real error unfortunately, but it's probably because Neutron isn't working properly. Can you run Neutron commands, e.g. `neutron net-list` on the command line? Once a service is installed and set up in the catalogue, Horizon expects the service is up and running

jpichon gravatar imagejpichon ( 2014-01-27 10:39:31 -0500 )edit

It is a single node installation. I am not able to run neutron commands because i did not install neutron services yet. I am trying to build a new cloud network and I just installed keystone, nova, horizon, glance and cinder into my controller and while i started with the neutron service i loose my dashboard. here i would like to mention the procedure i am following. First i am creating a mysql database for the neutron service in the controller. Then i create the keystone user, user role and keystone service for neutron and atlast when i give the command for creating keystone endpoint my dashboard is gone showing " Internal Server Error". But I also get my keystone-endpoint created fine. I am new with openstack and it is my first self-implementation. I am stuck here for about 2 days and am really confused. Please help me out.

JFP gravatar imageJFP ( 2014-01-27 21:45:30 -0500 )edit

I prefer you do the following. Install AMQP, mysql, keystone, glance, nova and neutron. Ensure that all this work perfectly. This will ensure that OpenStack is really working. Then you can get into installing horizon, cinder etc components.

dheeru gravatar imagedheeru ( 2014-01-28 00:48:15 -0500 )edit

I installed AMQP, mysql, keystone,glance, horizon, nova, cinder and now installing neutron as per the installation guide.I will tell the details. I have four servers. 1 for controller, 1 compute node, 1 network node, 1 storage node. Initially I am working on the controller node and installing all the services here. As this is my first installation I will increase my resource after I successfully build this one. according to the installation guide first i created service database for each service, then keystone user, keystone user role and keystone service for each of nova, glance, horizon, cinder and swift. nothing happened for any of them but in case of neutron when i create the keystone endpoint for neutron, my dashboard shows error. What do you suggest i can do to complete my cloud installation? and if i need to add more nodes in future is my procedure right ...(more)

JFP gravatar imageJFP ( 2014-01-28 01:15:08 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-03-31 22:33:15 -0500

I had the same issue. This is not something related to keystone. Remove the OpenStack Ubuntu Theme, you can remove it with help of the below command:

dpkg --purge openstack-dashboard-ubuntu-theme

Reload Apache and Memory Cached

service apache2 restart; service memcached restart

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