All L3 Agents all in standby state

asked 2017-08-16 04:10:06 -0500

serlex gravatar image


I'm running kolla-ansible Ocata with DVR with HA enabled.

Once deployed, I'm creating couple networks (flat,vxlan) and a router. Yet, if I run

[root@ca-ostest481 stack]# neutron l3-agent-list-hosting-router Router

neutron CLI is deprecated and will be removed in the future. Use openstack CLI instead.

| be63aaca-6258-4efd-90e2-fb372cb2a745 | | True | :-) | standby |

| c0a261a2-b445-4a7f-a01b-c17e54015180 | | True | :-) | standby |

Shouldn't one of them be Active? Any ideas how I can troubleshoot this?


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