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How to understand the horizon project in openstack?

asked 2017-08-15 22:41:37 -0500

liaodalin19903 gravatar image

I download the horizon-master from github, and I can not understand the directory.

image description

what is the role of horizon and openstack_dashboard?

and the . in the front of the files have what function?

and the other files has what function?

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answered 2017-08-16 02:24:05 -0500

updated 2017-08-16 02:26:03 -0500


The horizon directory holds the generic libraries and components that can be used in any Django project.

The openstack_dashboard directory contains a reference Django project that uses horizon.

The dot files contain information for various development tools such as git and testr.

Requirements, setup files, tox are used for building the project and its documentation. *.rst files contain documentation.

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