Difference between Cinder volume snapshots and backups and the real size of my snapshots

asked 2017-08-09 11:47:28 -0600

Alex Duch gravatar image

I'm looking at the Cinder API v2, I have snapshots and backup command creation available. I currently use snapshots for my volumes, and I would like to know the real size of my snapshots. I've read that Cinder do incremental backups, but I'm not sure if this applies to snapshots or not.

When using cinder snapshot-show, it shows that the size is the same as the original volume. Is this the real size of the snapshot? In this case I guess it would mean my snapshots are not an increment of the original volume state.

Some information for my current setup:

  • Openstack version: Mitaka
  • Cinder API version: 2
  • Storage backend: Ceph

Thank you for your time.

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