I only have two instances, everyone use 512MB ram, but there takes 2GB away.

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updated 2017-08-07 06:25:31 -0500

From the Admin -> SYSTEM -> Instances , we can see I only have two VMs now. ( Before I deleted serval instances, now only leave two, all of the two instances are in the ha-node2, the compute-node2 and controller-node2 are on the ha-node2). Every instance takes 512MB RAM.

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But in the Admin -> SYSTEM -> Hypervisors, there takes away (512MB + 1.5GB) RAM.

image description

Where is the reason, why there takes away those ram? is when I delete the instance did not recycling the ram? And why the pie chart of Memory used are 7.8GB of 15.3GB, however there takes 2GB away from the 15.3GB (7.6GB + 7.6GB).

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