controller node unexpectedly reboots [closed]

asked 2017-08-07 03:41:12 -0600

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I have an RDO packstack Newton setup with 1 controller node and 4 compute nodes, all on VMs run by KVM.

The cinder volume service is on the controller node as well.

Periodically, the controller node reboots with no relevant message in /var/log/messages.

Any hints on troubleshooting this issue are appreciated.


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I feel like this question isn't going to get any answers because there's nothing to go on here. This could be almost anything - perhaps not even OpenStack related at all. Do you have any log messages anywhere that we could look at to help troubleshoot?

rbowen gravatar imagerbowen ( 2017-12-14 13:36:00 -0600 )edit