how to retrieve gnocchi metric measures ?

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I have setup gnocchi with devstack here is my local.conf file

gnocchi backend is running with default configuration.after the installation has completed I did 1.created an instance.collecte its instanceId , projectId , userId 2.created a resource with gnocchiclient by passing required attributes id(instanceId) , project_id(projectId) , user_id(userId) and metric id

after that I did gnocchi measures show <metric-id> no measures were shown then as per the docs we can send measures to metric so I did that with some dummy data and timestamp gnocchi measures add -m 2017-07-25T12:00:00@42 -m 2017-07-25T12:01:03@45 -m 2017-07-25T12:06:07@22 <metric-id> after this I was able to see measures (timestamp granularity and value table)

my Question is,

A ) do we have to send measures manually to gnocchi ? if yes with meter_dispatcher set to only gnocchi in ceilometer.conf file I was not able to access the ceilometers api. ( with meter_dispatcher set to both gnocchiand database I can access both gnocchi api and ceilometer I have all the meter data but how do I use that ) am I missing any configuration/steps to follow inorder to get the measures from gnocchi?

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Have you found the answer for your question.

hariprasath M gravatar imagehariprasath M ( 2019-01-28 04:58:51 -0500 )edit