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How to configure neutron lbaas on kolla after installation?

asked 2017-07-31 05:02:03 -0600

guptas gravatar image

I want to configure lbaas on kolla based openstack. How to proceed with it?

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answered 2017-08-01 03:54:25 -0600

Hi Dev_ops.

After kolla is deployed, will need to execute bootstrap tasks manually.

Set in globals.yml:

enable_neutron_lbaas: "yes"

Execute to deploy new containers and apply configuration changes:

kolla-ansible reconfigure

Note reconfigure will restart neutron_server container to apply config changes in it

After containers are UP execute manually db sync for lbaas.

docker exec neutron_lbaas_agent neutron-db-manage --subproject neutron-lbaas --config-file /etc/neutron/neutron.conf upgrade head


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