Cannot launch instance, compute node reports phys_disk=0GB

asked 2017-07-24 06:49:36 -0600

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I've recently installed openstack on a machine and managed to get everything working properly.

However, to allow for later expansion, I then mounted an LVM volume to /var/lib/nova but, even after rebuilding the nova databases, the compute node always reports phys_disk=0GB, which makes scheduling fail

My nova-compute.log is the following:

2017-07-24 12:29:42.628 11872 INFO os_vif [-] Loaded VIF plugins: ovs, linux_bridge
2017-07-24 12:29:42.628 11872 WARNING oslo_reports.guru_meditation_report [-] Guru meditation now registers SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2 by default for backward compatibility. SIGUSR1 will no longer be registered in a future release, so please use SIGUSR2 to generate reports.
2017-07-24 12:29:42.671 11872 INFO nova.virt.driver [req-0046d441-5d66-41a2-aa6c-e8d020540d4f - - - - -] Loading compute driver 'libvirt.LibvirtDriver'
2017-07-24 12:29:42.838 11872 WARNING os_brick.initiator.connectors.remotefs [req-0046d441-5d66-41a2-aa6c-e8d020540d4f - - - - -] Connection details not present. RemoteFsClient may not initialize properly.
2017-07-24 12:29:42.874 11872 WARNING oslo_config.cfg [req-0046d441-5d66-41a2-aa6c-e8d020540d4f - - - - -] Option "force_dhcp_release" from group "DEFAULT" is deprecated for removal.  Its value may be silently ignored in the future.
2017-07-24 12:29:42.892 11872 INFO nova.service [-] Starting compute node (version 15.0.4-1.el7)
2017-07-24 12:29:42.922 11872 INFO nova.virt.libvirt.driver [-] Connection event '1' reason 'None'
2017-07-24 12:29:42.937 11872 INFO [-] Libvirt host capabilities <capabilities>

      <topology sockets='1' cores='8' threads='2'/>
      <feature name='vme'/>
      <feature name='ds'/>
      <feature name='acpi'/>
      <feature name='ss'/>
      <feature name='ht'/>
      <feature name='tm'/>
      <feature name='pbe'/>
      <feature name='dtes64'/>
      <feature name='monitor'/>
      <feature name='ds_cpl'/>
      <feature name='vmx'/>
      <feature name='smx'/>
      <feature name='est'/>
      <feature name='tm2'/>
      <feature name='xtpr'/>
      <feature name='pdcm'/>
      <feature name='dca'/>
      <feature name='osxsave'/>
      <feature name='f16c'/>
      <feature name='rdrand'/>
      <feature name='arat'/>
      <feature name='tsc_adjust'/>
      <feature name='cmt'/>
      <feature name='xsaveopt'/>
      <feature name='mbm_total'/>
      <feature name='mbm_local'/>
      <feature name='pdpe1gb'/>
      <feature name='abm'/>
      <feature name='invtsc'/>
      <pages unit='KiB' size='4'/>
      <pages unit='KiB' size='2048'/>
      <pages unit='KiB' size='1048576'/>
      <cells num='2'>
        <cell id='0'>
          <memory unit='KiB'>33437924</memory>
          <pages unit='KiB' size='4'>8359481</pages>
          <pages unit='KiB' size='2048'>0</pages>
          <pages unit='KiB' size='1048576'>0</pages>
            <sibling id='0' value='10'/>
            <sibling id='1' value='21'/>
          <cpus num='16'>
            <cpu id='0' socket_id='0' core_id='0' siblings='0,16'/>
            <cpu id='1' socket_id='0' core_id='1' siblings='1,17'/>
            <cpu id='2' socket_id='0' core_id='2' siblings='2,18'/>
            <cpu id='3' socket_id='0' core_id='3' siblings='3,19'/>
            <cpu id='4' socket_id='0' core_id='4' siblings='4,20'/>
            <cpu id='5' socket_id='0' core_id='5' siblings='5,21'/>
            <cpu id='6' socket_id='0' core_id='6' siblings='6,22'/>
            <cpu id='7' socket_id='0' core_id='7' siblings='7,23'/>
            <cpu id='16' socket_id='0' core_id='0' siblings='0,16'/>
            <cpu id='17 ...
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