this system does not support "SSSE3"

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Hi all,

I installed OpenStack via devstack (with tacker too) on my laptop and i need to create a VM that supports SSSE3. When i create the image, i specify CIM Processor Allocation Setting -> Instruction Set Extension -> x86:SSSE3.

But when i create the VM, it does not support SSSE3. Output from /proc/cpuinfo of the VM:

sse3 cmpxchg16b x2apic clflush kvmclock kvmclock2 kvm_pv_eoi kvmclock_stable

My system supports SSSE3.

I have no idea why the VM does not support SSSE3 even i specified it while creating the image. Does someone knows what i am doing wrong?


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answered 2017-07-18 04:37:22 -0600

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The possible solution is changing CPU model from Core2Duo to KVM64. couple of choice for selecting CPU model for the VMs running at OpenStack++, and decide to go with cure2duo for the following reason.

libvirtd library guarantees to support core2duo cpu model to run if libvirtd can be installed on the host
QEMU64 CPU model has compatibility issue libvirt 1.0.2 and libvirt 0.9.8
KVM64 CPU model is only available from libvirt 1.0.2

Since Core2Duo CPU model includes ssse3 CPU flag, Also, Core2Duo does not have svm flag, which is a CPU flag for AMD virtualization.

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