How to ssh from windows

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Hello -

I have a Virtualbox VM instance on Windows10 host and booted Centos7 QCOW2 image. My openstack packstack resides on this Centos7 instance and its enp0s3 interface has IP address (gateway=, netmask= I have port routing to my Windows host via ( guest port routes to port) and I can ssh to this instance from Windows successfully. Everything is ok so far.

I have a Cirros instance at openstack and I have a floating IP to connect outside. From Centos7 terminal, I can ssh by typing "ssh cirros@" successfully. Everything is still ok so far.

I have a port routing from Virtualbox to do ssh this openstack instance ( guest port routes to port).

However, I could not ssh from Windows host to this openstack instance located at floating IP I have the same trouble with HTTP connection as well. I am not sure I did a mistake somewhere. Appreciated if someone could help me about this trouble.

(Cirros openstack instance) inside (Centos7 VM) inside (Windows host)

Port forwarding in Virtualbox (SSH): Guest port forwarded to Host port Guest port forwarded to Host port

Best regards, -fatih

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