Ceilometer Issues in Openstack Newton

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I have installed Ceilometer in Openstack : Newton following this.

Following are the issues I am facing :

  1. In this part, while configuring the Apache HTTP Server in /etc/apache2/sites-available/ceilometer.conf , I followed the steps as mentioned. But that gave error and the dashboard stopped working as ceilometer-api already runs on port 8777. So i changed the listening port to 18777 and dashboard works fine now. Is this a corect step ?
  2. In this step, the image is downloaded in /tmp/ but ceilometer meter-list does not show any information on image, image.download, image.serve, image.size as depicted in the provided link. However, the output contains information on cpu, cpu.delta, cpu_util, volume.size etc. Why is the image-download info not showing ?
  3. The compute node's ceilometer-agent-compute.log repeatedly gives this warning :

    WARNING ceilometer.compute.pollsters.memory [-] Cannot inspect data of MemoryUsagePollster for 58eda243-0cc5-4f1f-99be-ff5ae8e9f06f, non-fatal reason: Failed to inspect memory usage of instance < name=instance-00000016, id=58eda243-0cc5-4f1f-99be-ff5ae8e9f06f >, can not get info from libvirt. How to fix this ?

  4. The controller node's ceilometer-agent-central.log frequently shows : WARNING ceilometer.neutron_client [-] The resource could not be found.

  5. The Dashboard now shows Resource Usage link under Admin -> System. In Resource Usage, the Usage Report tab displays some information, but the Stats tab, on clicking, provides the error : An error occurred. Please try again later.

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Sorry to see such an organized question is left with no answer... I'm stuck with 3rd problem, did you find any solution??

sima_attar2003 gravatar imagesima_attar2003 ( 2018-03-04 23:13:49 -0500 )edit