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stack delete failed Conflict Security Group in use

asked 2017-07-03 03:46:22 -0500

yohann.martineau gravatar image


I deployed a stack using openstack stack create ... then I tried to delete it but probably before the end of all resource creation and now I cannot delete the stack due to a hanging security group that is stated as "in use" by openstack. The security group was created by this stack so I could safely delete it, but same problem when I try to delete it manually (either using openstack / heat / nova / neutron command line directly). Someone already had that kind of issue? Commands executed on liberty on an overcloud controller (TripleO deployment).

Here are the error messages:

2017-06-29 10:01:47 [...-security_group]: DELETE_IN_PROGRESS  state changed
2017-06-29 10:01:48 [...-security_group]: DELETE_FAILED  Conflict: resources....-security_group: Security Group 2aa7625c-a056-4e4c-b794-7aab84c4bf4c in use.
2017-06-29 10:01:48 [...]: DELETE_FAILED  Resource DELETE failed: Conflict: resources....-security_group: Security Group 2aa7625c-a056-4e4c-b794-7aab84c4bf4c in use.


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answered 2017-07-03 03:47:21 -0500

yohann.martineau gravatar image

actually, there was a stale port, I thought there were no more ports because of the "port delete successful" message in stack event list but when I tried to create a new stack with a different name it told me that one ip was still in use, I ran:

neutron --os-tenant-name OGEMS port-list|grep -i "my_stack_name"

and it gave me the culprit port id, I deleted it with neutron port-delete and the new one and it worked!!

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and are you not troubled at all, that deleteing a stack fails because heat leaves stale ports behind? have you tried deploying and deploying after that? Did it fail again? Because it does for me! My HOT includes ports with attached secturity groups and (almost) every time I delete the stack it fails

HumongousRainDrop gravatar imageHumongousRainDrop ( 2017-08-02 02:03:09 -0500 )edit

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