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In latest keystone v3 can I use the LDAP to replace any sql backend?

asked 2014-01-22 03:37:57 -0500

Victor gravatar image

I am trying the keystone + ldap integration, i can use ldap as identity backend using devstack script.There is one thing in using this method, mysql has to be installed and 1 database need to be created to save info like endpoints etc.

What I want is just use the ldap only without use any sql database to do authentication and authorization, is that possible in keystone v3 version or icehouse?



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answered 2014-03-05 22:05:35 -0500

9lives gravatar image

after several hands on keystone and a little bit hacking keystone source code , it seemed that this cannot be done so far, the keystone will use the sql db to store the service type and endpoints while use the ldap to store the users roles and projects(which is used to called tenants in v2).

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