[ERROR] /home/stack/devstack/inc/python:369 Can't find package python-systemd in requirements

asked 2017-06-30 15:11:39 -0600

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I am trying to install openstack in ubuntu 16 . I am following this tutorial :

http://www.bogotobogo.com/DevOps/OpenStack-Install-On-Ubuntu-16-Server.php (link text)

I am executing this script :

k@ubuntu:~$ sudo adduser stack
k@ubuntu:~$ echo "stack ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL" |sudo tee -a /etc/sudoers k@ubuntu:~$ su stack stack@ubuntu:/home/k$ stack@ubuntu:/home/k$ cd stack@ubuntu:~$ pwd /home/stack stack@ubuntu:~$ 
stack@ubuntu:~$ git clone https://git.openstack.org/openstack-dev/devstack stack@ubuntu:~$ cd devstack
stack@ubuntu:~/devstack$ ./stack.sh

But I am getting this error :

[ERROR] /home/stack/devstack/inc/python:369 Can't find package python-systemd in requirements
+inc/python:pip_install_gr:68              clean_name='[Call Trace]
+inc/python:pip_install_gr:1               exit_trap
+./stack.sh:exit_trap:521                  local r=1
++./stack.sh:exit_trap:522                  jobs -p
+./stack.sh:exit_trap:522                  jobs=
+./stack.sh:exit_trap:525                  [[ -n '' ]]
+./stack.sh:exit_trap:531                  '[' -f '' ']'
+./stack.sh:exit_trap:536                  kill_spinner
+./stack.sh:kill_spinner:417               '[' '!' -z '' ']'
+./stack.sh:exit_trap:538                  [[ 1 -ne 0 ]]
+./stack.sh:exit_trap:539                  echo 'Error on exit'
Error on exit
+./stack.sh:exit_trap:540                  generate-subunit 1498852487 42 fail
+./stack.sh:exit_trap:541                  [[ -z /opt/stack/logs ]]
+./stack.sh:exit_trap:544                  /home/stack/devstack/tools/worlddump.py -d /opt/stack/logs
World dumping... see /opt/stack/logs/worlddump-2017-06-30-195529.txt for details
+./stack.sh:exit_trap:550                  exit 1

I have tried several times but still I am getting this error . I cant understand how to solve this error . Please help me .

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