My DHCP server is not receiving requests after I bridged my two internal interfaces

asked 2017-06-29 15:29:44 -0600

I am hoping someone has had and fixed this issue before. I am routing through my ubuntu machine and have had 2 interior lans (wired and wifi). This morning I decided to change the setup so that the two interior lans were on a bridged interface to share a single subnet. Everything is working great except that my dhcp server (which should be working through the br0 interface) is not receiving any requests. At this point I have had to give out static IPs to keep the network running. Any thoughts, anyone? It would really be appreciated.

notes: The DHCP server is set to give out addresses in the range and the br0 interface is The br0 interface links eth0 and wlan0 and is using the mac address from eth0. Routing is working from br0 through eth1 (WAN interface) using br0's address as the gateway address and hosts connected through eth0 can communicate to hosts on wlan0.

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