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does Kolla support NUMA, how can i enable appropriate filters in nova schedulers

asked 2017-06-23 10:05:25 -0500

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I tried enabling CPU pinning by defining pinned cpu set in nova.conf manually.

<-- scheduler_default_filters = NUMATopologyFilter,AggregateInstanceExtraSpecsFilter vcpu_pin_set=1,20,3,5,15,11,17,8 -->

Created appropriate host aggregate and attached flavors to it.

Some how Kolla still assigns random CPu cores to my instance

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answered 2017-06-24 12:10:58 -0500


to use custom configuration in kolla have 3 options:

  • Create a file in /etc/kolla/config/nova.conf, this file will override the custom option in all nova services/nodes.
  • Create a file per service at /etc/kolla/config/nova/<service-name>.conf, as example, /etc/kolla/config/nova/nova-compute.conf will override the option only in nova compute service.
  • Create a file per node, as example /etc/kolla/config/nova/<inventory_hostname>.conf will override options in all nova services at the specified node.

Example of custom file /etc/kolla/config/nova/nova-compute.conf:

virt_type = qemu
cpu_mode = none

After creating a custom file need to do a reconfigure to populate changes to containers:

kolla-ansible -i <inventory> reconfigure


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