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[Newton/Ocata]Instance can not boot and power status is paused

asked 2017-06-22 07:15:48 -0500

alaludan gravatar image

Hi All: I was installed Newton and Ocata and found as the same issue. Instance can not start up when i boot instance and found the power status is paused. I check nova-compuet.log found as below info: During _sync_instance _power_state the DB power_state(1) does not match the vm_power_state from the hypervisor (3).Updateing power_state in the DB to match the hypervisor. Instance is paused unexpectedly.Ignore

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answered 2017-06-23 01:27:19 -0500

Vidhyut gravatar image

On controller node run the following command -

nova reset-state --active <instance name>

Then Hard Reboot the instance.

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I use this command to reset-state but the issue still unsolved and i think this command only reset the status to active not power status to active.

alaludan gravatar imagealaludan ( 2017-06-24 03:33:00 -0500 )edit

answered 2017-07-12 20:39:23 -0500

alaludan gravatar image

This issue was solved. The causes is flavor's memory too small. Modify the memory size the issue was solved.

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