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how does one import an image using the CLI for an image in an HTTP location

asked 2017-06-21 21:13:09 -0500

dalexander gravatar image

Why is openstack so difficult to find info on!!! Ergh.

From the UI (horizon) I can create an image to use, and NOT store it locally. This is perfect since my cloud has limited storage at this point. So I can specify a URL, and bam, I have a bootable image. How is this done in the CLI? both 'glance image-create' and openstack image create seem to have no option other than a local file. Am I missing something? Is this possible? Thanks!

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answered 2017-06-21 21:54:50 -0500 use the link here you can find an appropriate solution.

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Where in that document is there an option to add an image via a URL?

dalexander gravatar imagedalexander ( 2017-06-22 16:07:53 -0500 )edit

answered 2017-06-21 21:52:45 -0500

dalexander gravatar image

Well, after some more searching, I found this command works:

glance --os-image-api-version 1 image-create --location <some url="" here=""> --is-public true --disk-format qcow2 --container-format bare --name WTF-how-come-this-is-so-difficult

So using the older API version works. Why is this not available in the latest openstack CLI or even glance CLI? ANyone know?

I think it's doing exactly what I want, not storing an image locally on my filesystem. I don't want to store daily builds of a large image locally, when I already have it in a location accessible by http like I do.

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